Side Opening Containers

Shipping bulk goods, or awkward materials that are difficult to load through standard end doors? Perhaps an open top or side opening container is your best option. Tassie Containers has 20 foot or 40 foot top or side open containers for hire when a standard container just won’t do. If we don’t have it, we will source it for you at the most competitive price.


20′ Open Top20′ Open Side
Length6058mm External | 5895mm Internal6058mm External | 5950mm Internal
Width2438mm External | 2352mm Internal2438mm External | 2281mm Internal
Height2591mm External | 2348mm Internal2896mm External | 2580mm Internal
Tare Weight2300kg3700kg
Gross Weight30480kg33700kg
*Guide Only


40′ & High Cubes Available
Bulk Transport
Large Item Transport
Internationally Transportable
New or Used
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